Maximum flexibility, compact design, stacking applications and the lowering principle are characteristic of the Meypack VP400 machine series.
The VP400 series is designed to pack products into wrap-around cases, trays and trays with lids in particular.

Our Advantages:
  • Proven Meypack lowering principle
  • Packs in trays, tray/lid and wrap-around cases
  • Stacks in the machine
  • Space-saving, modular design
  • Intelligent product infeed
  • Optimum accessibility



High capacity, short changeover times, open design and packing on one level are characteristics of the Meypack VP500 machine series.
In addition to wrap-around cases and trays, the tray/lid solutions in the high-speed segment are particularly notable.

Our Advantages:
  • Continuous packaging process
  • Packs in trays, tray/lid and wrap-around cases
  • Gentle product handling
  • Fast format changeovers
  • High flexibility due to modular design
  • Optimum accessibility



Depalletising, packaging, film-wrapping and palletising technology – Meypack offers you a tailor-made packaging line solution.
Meypack stands for efficient packaging lines and is happy to provide consultation to you.

Our Advantages:
  • Smaller footprint than two single machines
  • A higher-level control system
  • Most diverse combination possibilities
We offer you various

packaging solutions

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packaging machines

Product divider

Sustainable production means reducing materials used in primary packaging.  
At the same time, the demands for high product quality are growing. This development requires even gentler product handling and more reliable product distribution process possibilities.
The Meypack modular machine system offers many different dividing modules for your primary packaging, providing an individual, adapted system solution.



Product grouping

In the product grouping area, products are efficiently and gently separated.
Meypack offers you the appropriate grouping module designed specifically to meet your individual requirements.
Regardless of whether it’s bottles, cans, pouches or folding boxes – thanks to the high degree of flexibility offered by our grouping modules, a large number of different products can be processed.


Pressing channel / Blank folding

While on the one hand there is enormous pressure to keep the costs of secondary packaging low, on the other hand expectations are rising with respect to the assurance of transport security as well as for higher quality packaging design.

These requirements are reflected in our solutions.
Meypack’s packaging machines fold your blanks precisely, gently and with repeat accuracy.  
At both low and high speeds we guarantee reliable handling of your blank to fit it tightly around the product so that you can be guaranteed of having both safe transport and attractive packaging of your products.   



Blank magazine

In addition to fulfilling the requirements for capacity, ergonomics and flexibility, our magazines are very tolerant with respect to fluctuations in quality.  

Whether it’s wrap-around, tray or tray/lid, single or dual lane, low or high capacity – Meypack’s modular system has the right magazine for every requirement.


Ergonomic loading station

The topic of ergonomics and employee protection is becoming increasingly important for many companies.
In particular, working with blanks can pose a health risk to machine operators.  
Due to this, Meypack’s ergonomic loading station has been developed to make the loading process of the blank magazine more ergonomic.


Partition Inserter

Throughout the entire logistic process for products such as glass bottles and cans, quality requirements have risen significantly over the last years.  

For this reason, Meypack developed the partition inserter module that can be integrated into both intermittent and continuous Meypack solutions.  

Our partition inserters are capable of actively inserting the most diverse partition systems right to the bottom of the formation. Unsere Gefache-Stecker sind in der Lage die unterschiedlichsten Gefachesysteme aktiv bis zum Boden der Formation einzustecken.

It is possible to achieve output capacities of up to 60 cycles.

VP400 lowering principle

With Meypack’s lowering station, your products are packed gently into the case or tray within a very small space. 

The lowering principle guarantees optimum folding of the blank around the product formation.  

A further advantage is the realisation of multi-layered packaging without the need for an additional module.




Format changes

Due to the fact that more importance is being placed on product diversification, batches produced are becoming smaller and smaller and consequently, fast format changes have become a necessity.

Therefore, Meypack places great importance on operator-friendliness  and on fast, simple format changeovers.

With our solutions you can carry out format changeovers quickly, with repeat accuracy and without any tools.

As a result, format changeover times are realisable in 10 minutes or less.




Increasingly, more importance is being placed on product diversity and as a result there is a tendency towards the production of smaller batches, which necessitate fast format changes.

In this aspect, Meypack places great value on ease of operation and fast and simple format changes.

With our solutions, you can execute format changes quickly with repeat accuracy and without any tools necessary.

Format change times of 10 minutes or less are thereby possible.


Im Anschluss an die Verpackung

Meypack sees itself not only as a machine supplier – Meypack is also a supplier of systems, supporting you in planning and executing your production lines.

In addition to our solutions in the case packing area, we also offer film-wrapping and shrink-wrapping machines as well as depalletisers and palletisers in our machine portfolio. Our product portfolio also includes the supply and integration of conveyor systems, coding systems, weighing technology and many other systems.

With our experience in countless projects both within Germany and internationally, we are happy to advise you.


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Technical Data

Maximum output* Carton/Tray per hours 200
Magazine capacity 460
Max. Blank length mm 1120
Max. Blank width mm 540
Average chagne over time** Min. 8

(*) The values are theoretical. We recommend contacting Meypack to check the machine requirements. The performance depends on the products and their dimensions.

(**) The format change time depends on the type of machine. It can be significantly reduced by various devices.

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