Shrink wrappers

The Meypack shrink wrappers of the SW Series are available as both single and double roll shrink wrappers. Machine types of the SW Series that utilise the single roll technology stand out first and foremost due to their high productivity and simple handling. In addition, these types of machines enable the use of printed film in the entire output range. Both machine types are well suited for both shrink wrapping trays as well as loose products. They can be combined with Meypack’s packaging machines.

Stretch film wrappers

The Meypack stretch-film technology is particularly useful when the customer’s priority is packaging purely for transport. The stretch-film wrappers of the FW Series continuously wrap and cut the formations at speeds of up to 60 cycles per minute. Without using any external energy, which is otherwise necessary for the shrink wrapping process in the shrink tunnel, the film is wrapped two to three times around the product formation. The machine can be equipped with a laser perforation system – the so-called “Easy Opening System”.

  • Cost reduction due to lower maintenance
  • Increase to production
  • Reduction in personnel requirements
Your benefit:
  • Compact design
  • No format parts
  • Open and accessible design
  • Up to 60 cycles per minute
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Film cutting device with vacuum conveyor

Film packaging has long been not just something used as transport packaging. Much more often it serves as sales packaging – specially printed, it completes the sales unit. For this, the market demands film that is as thin, stable and inexpensive as possible. Correspondingly, there are high expectations placed on the film cutting device to cut the individual sections of film precisely with repeat accuracy. Not only the wear-resistant film cutting device but also the low-maintenance machine execution and the use of printed film are notable advantages of Meypack’s film cutting device.


Shrink tunnel

The design of the shrink tunnel is essential for a good shrink-wrapping result. Through custom-built ventilation channels – intermediate walls for when products are being run in multiple lanes – an optimal shrink-wrapped appearance can be ensured.

In addition to an electrically powered shrink tunnel, the Meypack modular system also offers a gas-powered execution. Thanks to its environmentally friendly design no external ventilation is required.

Experience shows that the gas-powered shrink tunnel will have paid for itself within 1 to 2 years.

Film roll changes

Fast film roll changes as well as ergonomic loading must both be ensured.

Due to the continuously changing requirements placed on the film and the product, Meypack offers a modular system featuring a variety of executions that enable the film roll changes to be carried out as efficiently and ergonomically as possible.

Depending upon the task, Meypack offers semi-automatic or fully automatic film roll changes.


Stretch film wrapper

As a supplement to the shrink wrapper and shrink tunnel, our stretch-film wrapper from the FW Series continuously wraps products in a stretchable film.

The film rolls, which are positioned opposite each other, can achieve an output of up to 60 film packs per minute.

This type of packaging is particularly suited for frozen products. Low electricity and film consumption are just two of the many advantages provided by this machine.


Technical data

Maximum Output* Packages per minute 100
Max. Foil width mm 880
Foil thickness µm 40 – 100
Product length mm 100 – 400
Product width mm 100 – 300
Product height mm 100 – 350

(*) The values are theoretical. We recommend contacting Meypack to check the machine requirements. The performance depends on the products and their dimensions.

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